Introduction to the Network

The Lung Cancer Policy Network was established in 2021 as an initiative of the Lung Ambition Alliance. It is a global network of multidisciplinary experts from across the lung cancer community, which includes clinicians, researchers, patient organisations and industry partners.

The Network aims to improve lung cancer survival worldwide. We do this by engaging policymakers – sharing research, reports and recommendations that highlight opportunities to diagnose and treat lung cancer earlier. We hope to make lung cancer an international policy priority, and by doing so, improve quality of life for people diagnosed with lung cancer and to reduce the number of deaths caused by the condition.

Initially, the Network will focus on collating and sharing knowledge about lung cancer screening from experts around the world. We will translate this knowledge into evidence to encourage policymakers to champion the adoption of lung cancer screening. We also aim to help equip those delivering lung cancer screening programmes by creating a platform that enables experts to share best practice based on their experience of implementation.

The Network currently has almost 50 members and will develop additional activities that build on this lung cancer screening work in the coming years.

Research & analysis

Research & analysis

  • Compilation of real-time data on lung cancer screening implementation (initial project being our interactive map)
  • Thoughtful synthesis and analysis of findings, drawing from multidisciplinary perspectives of members
  • Series of publications of salient topics most relevant to policy dialogue on lung cancer
Publications & resources
A forum for exchange

A forum for exchange

  • Co-creation of outputs with stakeholders from across the lung cancer community
  • Alliance building that creates a lasting united voice to drive change in lung cancer
  • Communications, publications and dissemination to reach all relevant audiences
Meet our members
Policy engagement

Policy engagement

  • Evidence-based resources for our members to use in national and global policy engagement
  • Clear and actionable recommendations presented to policymakers
  • Feeding into relevant policy forums to ensure key messages reach target policy audiences
News & blog

Network objectives

As a first objective, the Network is focusing on the huge opportunity offered by targeted lung cancer screening. We are advocating for the wide-spread implementation of organised lung cancer screening programmes.

The Network’s objectives are to:

  • provide consensus-driven insights from experts on how to implement lung cancer screening effectively
  • create awareness around the need for lung cancer screening, and the momentum to drive its implementation
  • facilitate learning on the most effective ways to screen for lung cancer.
Network objectives

Core activities of the Network

The Network will engage with policymakers to make the case that lung cancer should be a key part of the policy agenda.

As a Network we are focusing our core activities on producing publications and resources, including an interactive map of lung cancer screening implementation that will:

  • provide a global overview of, and expert perspective on, the evidence base for lung cancer screening implementation
  • share the expert experience of those currently engaged in the implementation of targeted LDCT for lung cancer screening
  • support advocates calling for policy change at a national level to implement lung cancer screening.

Further workstreams will be developed in the future with a focus on other topics that will contribute to improving lung cancer survival. Network members will be key to shaping the focus of these future workstreams.

Core activities of the Network