Introduction to the Network

The Lung Cancer Policy Network, established in 2021, is a global network of multidisciplinary experts from the lung cancer and oncology community. Our members include clinicians, researchers, patient organisations and representatives, and industry partners.

Together, we work to make lung cancer a global policy priority. We do this by supporting the lung cancer and oncology community with evidence-based research, insights from experts and actionable policy recommendations. We hope that this will empower them to make the case to policymakers about the benefits of implementing life-saving approaches, such as LDCT lung cancer screening.

Our global forum now counts over 70 expert members, speaking with a unified voice to advocate for progress in lung cancer policy. We facilitate cooperation and knowledge exchange, enabling our members to share examples of best practice in lung cancer earlier detection and care.

To see what we achieved in 2023, download our year in review.

Research & analysis

Research & analysis

  • Bring together insights and evidence, drawing from the multidisciplinary perspectives of our members to explore solutions to key challenges in lung cancer
  • Produce consensus-led resources to support advocacy efforts and ensure lung cancer becomes a policy priority at both a national and international level
  • Share real-time analysis and data of lung cancer policy change around the world, including the implementation of LDCT lung cancer screening
Publications & resources
A forum for exchange

A forum for exchange

  • Facilitate international and national cooperation to learn collective lessons and share examples of best practices
  • Disseminate Network resources to reach all relevant audiences and engage policymakers
  • Build an alliance to create a unified voice for policy change
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Policy engagement

Policy engagement

  • Create evidence-based resources for lung cancer advocates to use in national and global policy engagement
  • Deliver clear and actionable recommendations to provide a consistent direction for lung cancer policy applicable across different national contexts
  • Feed into relevant policy forums to ensure key messages reach target policy audiences
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Network objectives

Our core objective is to make improving lung cancer survival a global policy priority.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • fostering and supporting a global lung cancer community to act as a unified voice when engaging with policymakers to drive progress in lung cancer policy
  • advocating to ensure lung cancer is detected earlier by generating evidence-led resources and recommendations to demonstrate to policymakers the benefits and feasibility of taking action
  • advocating to improve lung cancer care through our global network of expert members, creating a forum to share examples of best practice.
Network objectives

Core activities of the Network

We engage with policymakers to make the case that lung cancer should be a key part of their policy agenda.

To help us achieve this, we focus our core activities on producing resources that examine the most prominent topics in lung cancer today. These resources aim to:

  • present a compelling argument for the earlier detection of lung cancer to increase survival rates
  • develop a consensus of best practices that drive the improvement of lung cancer care with a focus on patient outcomes, equitable care and the optimisation of infrastructure and resources
  • provide a global overview of, and expert perspective on, the evidence base for the implementation of lung cancer screening
  • support lung cancer advocates in calling for policy change at national and international levels.

Workstreams and activities are developed in close collaboration with our members and are guided by our Steering Committee, with a focus on topics that contribute to improving lung cancer survival.

Core activities of the Network

Network Steering Committee

The Network’s Secretariat works under the guidance of a Steering Committee. To ensure appropriate representation from each category of Network member, the Steering Committee is made up of patient organisations and representatives, scientific advisers, professional organisations and funders.

Before the Steering Committee was established in 2023, the Network worked under the guidance of an Interim Advisory Committee.

Current members of the Network Steering Committee are:

  • Carolyn ‘Bo’ Aldigé, Global Lung Cancer Coalition
  • Andrea Borondy Kitts, Rescue Lung Society
  • Lucy Dance, AstraZeneca
  • Benjamin Gannon, Guardant Health
  • Helen Haggart, Johnson & Johnson
  • Michael Hartevelt, MSD
  • Jennifer Higgins, Guardant Health
  • Karen Kelly, International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)
  • Caius Kim, AstraZeneca
  • Nadia Pellanda, MSD
  • Florian Reinhold, Siemens Healthineers
  • Sebastian Schmidt, Siemens Healthineers
  • Murry Wynes, IASLC
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