The glossary explains some of the words used across this website and covers some key cancer and research terms, which primarily focus on lung cancer.

Disability-adjusted life year (DALY)

A standardised measure used to statistically describe the burden of disease in a population. One DALY represents the loss of one year of perfect health; the total number of DALYs in a population will increase with the total number of years of life lost to due to premature mortality and years lived with a disability due to a disease that is being measured.4 See also ‘Cost-effectiveness analysis’, ‘Morbidity’ and ‘Quality-adjusted life year’

Decision aid

A communication tool that helps people become more involved in decision-making around their health by providing an overview of the potential benefits and harms of an intervention. Decision aids can be leaflets, information packs or multimedia resources.1-3 See also ‘Shared decision-making’


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