Overview of Domain 3

An essential part of implementing and running a lung cancer screening programme is accurately understanding the costs involved, as well as how the programme will be financed. Domain 3 supports the development of a comprehensive budget, with the assumption that the screening programme operates or will operate within an already existing health system. This domain also supports users of the framework to consider how to ensure that people who experience greater barriers to accessing health services are not prevented from participating.

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Assessment framework key questions

In this domain, metrics are designed to assess:

Budget requirements

  • anticipated budget requirements for implementing an organised screening programme and any potential risks that may need monitoring or mitigating

Programme financing

  • how a screening programme may be financed, including potential sources of funding
  • whether any economic evaluations have been undertaken or are planned
  • whether any specific costs associated with screening will be covered for some or all participants

Corresponding policy brief

Screening programmes are complex, and it is essential that all aspects of a programme are appropriately resourced over time. To help those planning to implement screening programmes, we have published a policy brief focusing on the importance of financial planning.


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