Claudia Henschke

Claudia Henschke

Clinical professor Diagnostic, Molecular and Interventional Radiology

Mount Sinai Hospital


Dr Henschke is a pioneer and leading expert in diagnostic radiology, with more than 25 years of clinical and research experience in low-dose computed tomography screening. She has led the implementation of numerous city, state, national and international lung screening programmes.

Since the inception of the Early Lung Cancer Action Project (ELCAP) in 1992, Dr Henschke has worked on advancing the computed tomography screening research of early lung disease, with a particular focus on lung cancer. ELCAP soon grew into an international programme (I-ELCAP), and Dr Henschke now leads a collaborative and international group of distinguished physicians and scientists whose 75 institutions have screened over 79,000 people in 10 countries around the world for I-ELCAP. The I-ELCAP programme led to another multinational study, the Initiative for Early Lung Cancer Research on Treatment (IELCART), implemented in 2016 to assess the efficacy of various early lung cancer treatments.

Dr Henschke has authored over 400 peer-reviewed publications, 2 books, many scientific presentations, and has trained over 80 physician researchers.