David Lam

David Lam

Clinical Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Professor Lam is a respiratory physician. His study interests encompass translational research and he is involved in a number of clinical trials in respiratory diseases, including biomarkers in lung cancer, smoking and airway physiology, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and interventional pulmonology.

His research laboratory is establishing and characterising immortalised normal bronchial epithelial cells. They are being used as cellular models for translational research on lung cancer, smoking and airway physiology.

Professor Lam acts as Co-convenor in the Special Interest Group in Interventional Pulmonology and the Hong Kong Pleural Disease Network under the Hong Kong Thoracic Society. He is currently in the International Lung Screening Trial (ILST) Consortium, steering lung screening and relevant biomarker research.