Overview of Domain 1

Domain 1 focuses on assessing the political context within which a screening programme would be implemented. It can support those using the framework in identifying key stakeholders and developing clear governance and programme coordination plans.

To ensure a screening programme achieves its desired impact on population health and remain cost-effective it is essential to establish a framework for  leadership and clear accountability mechanisms. In addition, it is important to consult stakeholders who may be affected by the introduction of screening during the programme design phase.

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Assessment framework key questions

In this domain, metrics are designed to assess:

Governing policy context

  • the government position on screening implementation, including whether there are specific cancer control plans or strategies
  • what existing strategies, policies and guidelines are in place to implement LDCT screening

Stakeholder engagement

  • which stakeholders are proactively supporting the implementation of a screening programme for lung cancer
  • where opportunities for additional engagement may be focused

Programme governance and coordination

  • how lung cancer screening would be implemented (e.g. a phased approach) and who is responsible for the planning, leadership, local delivery and evaluation of an LDCT screening programme

Corresponding policy brief

Establishing a clear governance framework is key for the planning and delivery of lung cancer screening. To help those planning to implement screening programmes, we have published a policy brief focusing on the importance of governance.
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Further reading

‘It’s really important that we empower the people who would benefit most from the programme to participate, to enable the workforce to deliver the programme, and that governments and health departments understand the benefits of a potential programme to the health of their populations.’

Professor Dorothy Keefe, CEO, Cancer Australia

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