Overview of Domain 2

Each country implementing a screening programme will need to evaluate its workforce capacity and assess whether its health system meets the technical and infrastructural requirements to deliver lung cancer screening. Domain 2 aims to support this assessment across the multiple stages of the screening pathway, which include participant identification and invitation, the screening itself, and referral for diagnosis and treatment. It can help those using the framework to anticipate the impact of screening on this capacity and address any gaps accordingly.

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Assessment framework key questions

In this domain, metrics are designed to assess:

Technical infrastructure for screening

  • what technical infrastructure exists and whether there is a need to plan for any additional capacity for the delivery of screening
  • what the ideal model of screening implementation should be, given the existing capacity

Workforce capacity to deliver screening

  • which existing workforce within the health system could support the implementation of a lung cancer screening programme
  • whether there are any reported or anticipated staff shortages that may impact screening implementation

Wider workforce requirements across the lung cancer care pathway

  • the wider workforce requirements, such as diagnostic and treatment services, that would be needed

Corresponding policy brief

Health systems must ensure they have the workforce and technical capacity to deliver LDCT screening. To help those planning to implement screening programmes, we have published a policy brief focusing on the importance of workforce and technical capacity requirements.
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